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Welcome to our homeschool! We've been homeschooling since April 2007 - over 3 years now! We have 5 children and we homeschool the 3 youngest. At this time, they are 13, 11, and 10. We're finishing up 8th, 5th, and 4th grades. The purpose of our homeschool blog is to illustrate to our family and friends our chosen lifestyle... what we learn, how we learn, when we learn, etc.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I know it's September 30th, and it hasn't even been 4 full weeks since we started school, but....
the kids have already had a 'light' week, or two.
I went back to the east coast the 19th - 25th.  I left full, easy-to-read schedules for the kids and McGyver.  The younger two had a light history schedule, but full other than that.  Guitar Boy had a pretty full schedule.
McGyver had a full schedule too, and didn't get on the kids to check their work.
I had a massive case of jet lag when I returned, so ....
light week!
We topped off our week with a back-to-school breakfast with our new homeschool group, the Henderson Christian Homeschoolers!
It was fun to see new and 'old' faces alike.
Tomorrow we start week #5, and it's a full week. I hope.
Missions Boy (son #2, who graduated in May 2012 and is currently preparing to head to Cambodia on a missions trip) will be home the morning of the 4th till he leaves for Cambodia on the 9th. I am being hopeful that we can enjoy our time with him AND complete our schoolwork!
I am really enjoying our history program - Truth Quest History.
The Guides are just that, a guide, or outline, of events and people from the time periods we are studying. There is a commentary on a particular subject, then followed by lists of books/movies about that subject. Some of the books are resource - like Story of the World, Sweet Land of Liberty, Greenleaf ... some are biographies, some fiction.  I can choose what to stop and spend some indepth time on and what to skip over.
Guitar Boy is studying The Age of Revolution I.
Chicklet and Survivor Boy are doing Renaissance and Reformation.
The author definitely promotes a Christian world view... her thesis always that history is His Story.... God initiates, man responds.... how events in history are always a result of man's belief in God.  Has society decided to follow God and include Him in society or turn away from Him?
The 2 boys are enjoying Latin.  Poor Chicklet's Japanese program isn't working. It's Rosetta Stone 2, and we can't get it working. I will try one more thing with it to see if we can get hit going. She is very disappointed that it isn't working ;(
Other than that,,,, all is well!
How is your school year coming?

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